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All protests and petitions to intervene must be filed and submitted through the online filing process.

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A protest can be filed by an individual residing within 500 feet of a proposed licensed location; a church, school, hospital, public playground, or charitable institution located within 300 feet; or another licensee within 200 feet of the proposed licensed location.

Generally, a petition to intervene can be filed by anyone else objecting to the transfer or approval of a license. If the transfer is a change in ownership you must file a petition to intervene and not a protest.

Please NOTE, if you are filing a petition to intervene, it must be served properly. To serve a petition properly, a copy must be provided to person(s) filing the application or the person representing the applicant.

Before you submit, you must PRINT your document in order to obtain a copy of your Protest or Petition.

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Petition to Intervene
Petition To Intervene
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A copy of the petition to intervene must be provided to the applicant or their representative.
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